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Guide to Fitness during Pregnancy

Sep 7

Guide to Fitness during Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Women play a very important role in the day-to-day operations of the Canadian Forces and great efforts have been made to help our female personnel strike a happy balance between their professional and family lives. As part of this ongoing effort, under the umbrella of our Health Promotion Program “Strengthening the Forces,” we have developed this guide to help you maintain optimum health and fitness—for you and your baby—throughout your pregnancy. Designed in an easy-tofollow format, it includes advice and guidance from world leaders in pregnancy and exercise.

Enjoying an active lifestyle plays an important part in developing and maintaining the operational readiness of all Canadian Forces personnel. You will also discover as you read and use this guide that exercise plays a crucial role in a healthy pregnancy. Both you and your developing baby will benefit greatly by following the advice in this excellent guide. I wish you the best for a healthy and fit pregnancy.